St. Louis de Montfort









Frank Duff 



1. The Priest Must Have Members

2.Understanding The Mystical Body 

3. Caphernaum And The Eucharist

4. The New Testament The Greatest Book

5. The Legion Of Mary ...For Men 

6. Waste Not Want Not

7. The Spirit of Home Visitation

8. Christmas

9. The Magi

10. The New Eve

11. Mother of God

12. More Woman than Any Other Woman

13. Through us Jesus Loves his Mother

14. Heaven

15. Legionary Formation

16. Thinking in Christ

17. St. Columbanus

18. Taking One's Step from God

19. The Mystical Body Must Function as a Whole

20The Angels

21. The Future of the Legion

22. Legionary Littleness



1.  The Ark of Salvation

2.  The Spirited Nucleus

3.  'Preach The Gospel To Every Creature' Said Christ. How?

4. The Three Days' Loss

5.  Fear Not To Accept Mary

6.  Mary Went With Haste...'

(LUKE 1.39)

7. Some Peregrinatio Principles

8.  Have The Mind Of Mary

9.  Abraham

10. The Flight Into Egypt

11. Persevere In Prayer With One Mind With Mary

12. Look: A Pattern Is Showing

13. Legion Humour

14.The Woman Clothed With The Sun

15. The Sign-Language Of Faith

16. Faith IsThe Subtle Chain

17. The Ascension Commandment

18.  Contact

19.   'Mary Our Dear Supplement'

20.  St. Paul and Our Blessed Lady


1. The Human Mind

2. The Mystical Union Between The Holy Spirit and Mary

3. Hell

4. We Have Kept The Faith To Ourselves

5. It Was Ordered :It can be done, But Leadership Is Lacking

6. Upgrading The Legion Work

7. Formula For Conquest

8. The Queen of Mexico And Empress of America

9. We Must Know Edel Quinn

10. Religion In The 21st. Century

11. A Great Legion

12. The Petrine Text

13. The Holy Shroud

14. The Truth is Victorious,  but it must be Presented

15. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin is incomparably the best Devotion to the Holy Spirit

16. Islam's New Look

17. St Louis Marie's Way

Is Also St. John Paul's Way

18. Alfie Lambe

19. The Nun's Role in the Mystical Body

20. Widening Our Horizons


1. Give Witness to Christ

2. Mary and the Holy Spirit

3. St. Joseph

4. Fiddling While Rome Burns

5. The Catholics are now the Real Jews

6. The Religions of the East

7. The Monks of the West

8. Reliability

9. Evangelisation

10. The Mass: a Thrilling Adventure

11. Pride

12. Personality and the Addictions

13. The Mormons

14. The Living Core

15. De Chardin's Phenomenon of Man

16. The Marian Texts Blend with Each Other And Define Each Other

17.The Faith: The Nation:

Prime Principles of Survival

18. St. Brigid

19. The Nun's Vocation

20. Some Special Divine Interventions on behalf of the Church

1. Archangel Raphael

2. What Shall a Man Give for a Soul

3. Jesus and Mary in the Koran -

     Are they the key to it.

4. You came tome Affectionately when others called me mad

5. Our Potential Membership is the 

     Uncommitted Catholic Population

6. De Montfort's true Devotion to Mary

7. The Medal Called Miraculous

8. The Cenacle

9. The Rosary is Irreplaceable

10. The Legion is pure Christocentrism

11. 'I have Suffered with him whom I saw Suffer'

12. And thy own Soul a Sword shall Pierce'

13. Rome and its Legions

14. The Religion of Protestants

15. Mary Kept Hens at Nazareth

16. The Jehovah Witnesses

17. The Head and the Body

18. Modernising the Legion

19. True devotion to the Nation



1. Faith

2. Fear

3. Each Soul

4. Christ lives in Me

5. Crowds

6. Nerves


8. 'Weigh the Thought that in Man's Heart Doth Flow...'

9. With Vast Respect does God Treat us'

10. 'I Must be About my Fathers Business'

11. 'The Apostle Takes Her to His Own'

12. The Mystical Home of Nazareth

13. His Last Testament

14. The Legionary and The Holy Trinity

15. The Catholic School

16. Thy Children as Olive Plants